Our Story

Over 47 years in business

Established in 1976 by Ron Dean, our company has been built on a foundation of passion, dedication, and a commitment to delivering quality products/services. Over the years, we have evolved and grown, staying true to our values while embracing innovation. Today, Ron and his three sons proudly serve as the owners. As a family-owned business, we take pride in fostering a sense of community within our team, and that spirit extends to our valued customers.

Specializing in both ferrous and nonferrous materials, our proficiency extends to plate work and structural members, empowering us to undertake tasks that surpass the capabilities of conventional fabricators. At SS&PF, we combine decades of experience with a commitment to innovation, ensuring that every project benefits from our rich legacy and forward-thinking approach

Every product is engineered with American quality and craftsmanship

We proudly employ a dedicated & loyal staff

Our workforce boasts an average tenure of around 12 years, and our supervisors bring extensive experience with long-standing commitments to the company. Experience, being irreplaceable, serves as the cornerstone for assisting customers in problem-solving, enhancing designs, and minimizing costs.

The extensive expertise in steel fabrication, finishing, robotic welding, and laser cutting sets the foundation for Structural Steel and Plate Fabrication to be more than just a vendor taking orders – it becomes a collaborative problem-solving partner.

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